From the clothes we wear to the items we carry, our everyday accessories tell stories. Kickstarter isn’t just a great resource for designers, who have the chance to bring their fashion projects to life.

It’s also a vibrant hub for style-hunters who love to know the fables behind their fabrics.

So if you’re looking for something with a little more substance than your average high-street garb, check out these five Kickstarter fashion projects – now live and vying for your support.

1. The Premji Backpack

Whether you’re commuting through the city with your laptop, outdoors on a weekend hike, or travelling abroad, the team behind the Premji Backpack believe you should only need one bag to do it all. What’s more, that bag should be stylish, practical and do some good in the world.

And so – working directly with communities in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam – the Ethnotek team have combined ethically-sourced handmade textiles into these functional laptop and travel bags.

With every feature you could possibly want from a backpack, the Premji is a celebration of art, design and culture. Each bag helps sustain employment in partnering artisan villages, so you can do good with a backpack that looks and feels good.

2. Mike’s Prolids helmets

In a world where you can customise almost anything – from number plates, to chopping boards, to your left bum-cheek – founder Mike Velasquez was surprised by how little personality was being expressed via protective headgear.

“We’re trying to take to market a helmet that’s got cool,” Mike explains. “I’m amazed it hasn’t already been done before.”

Mike’s ProLids mimic the popular backwards baseball cap style, with what he hopes will become popular among those who want something different from personality-lacking traditional helmets.

3. CARNEY Women’s Reflective Cycling Gear

“I stopped at a roundabout and all of a sudden, from behind, a car came. It didn’t stop. It just ran me over. One minute, you’re on the bike. Second, you’re on the ground.”

Ros Clitheroe, an ex semi-pro cyclist, is unfortunately no stranger to being knocked off her bike. Determined to make cycling safer, she partnered with a reputable UK design agency to develop high-quality women’s cylcling apparel – prioritising visibility, as well as comfort and style.

Unlike high vis-clothing – which isn’t always visible in the shade, or at night – the reflective panels in CARNEY apparel can be seen at all times. The gear has reflective beads embedded in the material, which shine like a beacon to draw attention to the cyclist.

4. LMTLS watches

Inspired by the vast green landscapes of their home-country, New Zealand-based designers Marcus Sos and William McClure have developed the LMTLS – a hand crafted watch made with natural wood.

Combining their passions for product design and ethical business, the ambitious duo set out to create a high quality, fairly-priced timepiece.

With a durable sandalwood bezel, water-resistant stainless steel case and comfortable leather straps, the LMTLS watch is an inspiring, eye-catching way to keep time in check.


Okay, so the pledge video is pretty ridiculous. But the idea behind Naptuckets – men’s lounge pants specifically designed for relaxing and napping – has strong appeal.

These are the ultimate lazy Sunday dad-pants, with all the features needed for maximum comfort, including 100% cotton fill (for added ‘boing’), a lay flat drawstring (‘for laying flat’) and double-washed, double-softened fabric.

Available in a selection of colours and sizes, Naptuckets make every surface into a potential mattress for your legs.