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Styling BoohooMan Leisurewear


There is nothing better than looking like you are about to hit the gym in style. I often look like I just hit the gym before work, and stumble into the office in a mismatched getup consisting partly of gym wear; spending most of my time in joggers.

It doesn’t really matter if you play sports, lift, or even go to the gym or not boohooMAN’s first full range of leisurewear, combines relaxed loungewear and trend driven performance wear into one. Perfect for the man who wants to look good but be super comfortable all day.

With a wide range of fits and sizes the boohooMAN leisurewear is perfect for chilling around the house or heading out and looking fashionable. Hit the hotspots for more information and links.


Images by Samuel L Legge


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Skinny Fit Panel Joggers

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boohooMAN for leisurewear and to @llomotes for styling.


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