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For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of New Balance; it was the sneaker of my childhood. As I grew up my love for sneakers grew, and my fondness for NB never died but the one model I found my self gravitating towards as I got older was the NB1500.

Originally intended for running the New Balance 1500 has been dubbed “the closest thing yet to the perfect running shoe.” It featured a design much narrower than previous models.


Today, the 1500 is a flagship sneaker for New Balance’s Flimby factory in Cumbria, but the athletic brand is still propelling the shoe forward with new, up-to-date re-designs including the “Deconstructed” pack with UK retailer size? And a line of “Re-Engineered” 1500s as well.

My love for the 1500 gets a new lease of life with every drop, especially the more considered limited releases like the London Cab, London Edition, Gentleman’s Pack and London Jewels to name a few. Not to mention awesome generals like Flamingo and Summer Pack.


I recently picked up the M1500JCO dusty pink colourway for this amazing summer season we are having and it’s little things like this that make me love New Balance even more. A brand that know real men want pink sneakers!

The New Balance 1500 rounds out any sneaker collection with enduring style and currently makes-up 70% of my own collection and in time I aim to make it 95%.


Pick up your pair over on the New Balance website and stay up to date with drops on in their  Instagram page



And for all fans of the NB1500 follow my dedicated Instagram page 



Written by @llomotes editor in chief


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