On a cold winter day, a fur hat is a necessary part of your getup. Fur hats keep your head warm and comfortable, and depending on the type, it can even protect your ears, nape, and neck! Fur hats are essential because they keep the head and brain warm. If you bundle up your body in warm clothing but leave your head uncovered, you could lose as much as 50% of your total body heat through your scalp!

In order to stay healthy and keep your internal organs functioning properly, the human body must be kept at around 80.6 ⁰ F, so if the outside temperature dips significantly below that, the body will naturally react to try and keep body heat at a normal temperature. The blood is directed towards the internal organs as blood vessels constrict, leaving dangerously low amounts of blood flowing to your extremities. However, one of the most important organs that you need to protect your brain, so you really need to use a fur hat! Aside from being protective wear, fur hats are also timeless; no matter how many years go by, you will still be able to wear a classic fur hat and look stylish!

Types of Fur Hats: Traditionally, fur hats are worn in places where the temperature can dip below freezing, and one of the most traditional images of fur hat that comes to mind is the Russian ushanka, a type of fur hat that has flaps down the side used to protect the ears. You can even buckle the straps down to protect your jaw, chin, and neck from the cold. Winters in Russia can get brutally cold, and this type of fur hat is thick and specifically designed for that kind of climate.

The Russian ushanka is not a style for everyone. Luckily, there are other types of fur hat that you can choose from:

Trooper Hat – The trooper hat is a fur cap that has a similar style to the Russian hat because of the ear flaps and the flat top. However, the straps are tied down rather than buckled down. The interior of the hat is lined with fur, but the exterior is made from either suede or leather, giving it a sleeker appearance.

Aviator Fur Hat – For a more casual getup, the aviator fur hat is a good choice. It has a rounded top, as well as a quilted interior lining. The modern aviator fur hat has an exterior made with fur, but the traditional design is made from leather. It has a buckle strap, making it suitable for outdoor activities such as skiing, sledding, or ice skating.

Russian Cossack Fur Hat – If you’re going for a dignified and classic look, the Russian Cossack fur hat will complete your ensemble. This type of fur winter hat is generally made for men, and it features a think brim that extends all around the hat. It also has an indent in the middle for a posher appearance. The flaps of the Russian Cossack can be tucked into the side of the hat if you will wear it indoors.

Coonskin Cap – Also known as the “Davy Crockett Hat”, this type of fur hat became popular around the 18th century. It has a flat top and full fur exterior, but it’s defining characteristic is the genuine fur tail on the back. It is traditionally made from racoon fur, but modern varieties feature other types such as coyote fur and red fox fur.

Zhivago Pill Box Fur Hat – Women who are looking for a high-fashion fur hat will love the Zhivago Pill Box. The design was popularized by Boris Pasternak’s novel Doctor Zhivago, although it was considered to be a soldier’s hat in the original story. The design of the hat makes the wearer’s face look delicate and stylish, and it features long luxurious fur on the exterior. The interior is lined with soft satin.

Roller Hat –  The roller hat is the most versatile and casual type of fur hat and it comes in a wide range of materials, such as leather, suede, and fur. It is rounded and fits snugly on the head. It also has a wide brim that gives the hat a heightened look.

Types of Fur: There are several types of fur that are used in making fur hats. Here are some examples ranging from causal or luxurious:

Beaver – Beaver fur is used as either natural or sheared. Natural beaver fur has a dual layer with an outer guard layer that repels water, and a thick underfur that traps heat. Sheared beaver fur is soft and velvety.

Coyote – Coyote fur is popular because it is affordable, economical, thick, and resilient to the elements. It comes in a wide range of colors and shades, giving it a rustic look that’s favored by outdoor enthusiasts.

Mink – Soft, durable, and warm, natural mink fur comes in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. It is popular because it can be used for both interior and exterior lining due to the dual characteristic of the fur being soft and pliable, as well as durable and warm.

ChinchillaThe highest-quality fur hats are made from chinchilla fur. It is said that you can pick out chinchilla fur because of its noticeable softness and smoothness compared to any other type of fur. It is often used for lining because chinchilla fur is quite fragile and it requires professional cleaning and maintenance.

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