Watch collecting can feel like a rich man’s game to an extent. Yes rich people do collect watches, and with all the noise generated by record-breaking auctions it can sometimes feel like if you don’t have a luxury watch on your wrist you are missing out.

Don’t be fooled. No matter your budget – there is a quality watch out there for you. Including the Casio Collection Unisex Digital Watch F-91W, that Nico Leonard would describe as god tier and I would have to agree. So with that being said, I wanted to share some of the my watches from my collection. Watches that don’t require you to remortgage.


The first being my current daily wear. The Timex MensHarborside TW2U13200 which is part of Timex City Collection. The 42mm Harborside Multifunction watch elevates coastal themes with craftsmanship and detail. Anodized aluminium is inlaid on the blue scalloped edge top ring, creating a polished look and it is perfect for a smart or casual look. Shop Timex >


The second being the Braun AW50 Classic. 1991 saw the release of the AW50 which took the idea of ‘less but better’ one step further with the removal of numbers and the minute track, as well as simplifying the bezel. A date function was also introduced, indicated by the red chevron which would become an iconic feature of Braun watches. This alongside the Braun gents prestige digital watch are my two least worn but most loved, just for the pure design factor. Shop Braun >


With the four collection under their belt, Swedish brand TID are one of my favourite minimalist brands. With TID being the Swedish word for time, you can see they had to make their watches stand out without screaming. Obsessing over materials and details to produce a limited collection of iconic timepieces for everyday wear, and a price point that allows you to love it without being precious about it. I mostly forget I have it on till it’s time to check the time. Shop TID >


With a wide selection to choose from, British watch label TAYROC create a wide range of elegant timepieces for today’s discerning consumer. Their collection features quartz and chronograph watches that use Japanese Miyota movements. I have been putting their Silver Blue – 42mm through its paces the last week and a half as I have to say it has grown on me immensely, and is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Shop TAYROC >


With quite a lot of watches in my collection I could go on for days, but for now let me give you a few honourable mentions.

TRIWA – an acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches. We want to use the symbolic value and placement of the watch for something more relevant, and create modern statement symbols instead of traditional status symbols. Shop TRIWA >


Deutsche-uhrenfabrik – DuFa is a timekeeping experience that demonstrates the best traditions of the iconic Bauhaus design school. Underpinned by uncompromising modern standards in manufacturing and componentry. Shop DuFa >


Earnshaw – Named after the legendary watchmaker whose timepieces helped guide Charles Darwin’s voyage around the world. A spirit of adventure and exploration lies at the heart of the Thomas Earnshaw ethos. Each collection of watches is named after an iconic explorer, location or vessel that perfectly embodies the values of Thomas Earnshaw: courage to go beyond the expected. Shop Earnshaw >



Written by @llomotes editor in chief